The Fish Report

Friday February 14, 2020

Final: 5-4 Hawks

Sunday February 16, 2020

Final: 3-0 Hawks

Two big wins is a weekend well spent.

After trailing River East 4-3 on a goal which was rewarded to them after three more minutes of play and three more minutes of referee/goal judge consultation, we gelled. We scored two quick goals and held the 5-4 lead to the final buzzer. We protected the slot and kept any attempt by River East to the perimeter. Solid defensive hockey.

Sunday brought the nasty Railer Express group to our barn for a dust-up. If you attended, you felt the tension and the mutual dislike our Hawks have for their boys. We took our lumps and did not panic. We opened late in the first on a lovely sidestep, sharp-shoot from Justl. 1-0

The second period saw us get another after some gritty battling by Gardiner and Fisher flushed the puck out to Mulligan who bulged the gaping twine. 2-0, end of two. We know how hard the Express play and we elevated our game to erase their chances. We secured the slot in our end and kept them to the perimeter, same as we did against River East. Express pulled their goalie and Mulligan and  Fisher blocked three point shots, poked the puck out of our zone where Fisher crossed centre and lobbed the  3-0 tally into the empty net.

Shut Out Wiens!  Sensational!

Ferbs looked strong and quick…the fire is refuelling

Hess got banged and crushed by the Express all game but kept his cool and secured the puck in our end time after time…such a determined effort you play with, Hess, keep it up

We kept our cool and the Express did not. Our discipline turned into a work ethic that saw us shut out one of the league’s top teams.

We’re one win from .500 hockey…that is a terrific battle back from 11 players on and off the injury list two months ago.

We are dialed in. 

– Fish

The Fish Report

Friday February 7, 2020

Final OT: 1-0 Hawks

Sunday February 9, 2020

Final OT: 3-2 Victorias

Three out of four possible points this past weekend saw us playing with confidence and grit.

Friday night at Seven Oaks was a game which saw us dominate the first period and encounter a goalie (Pikel) who was determined to keep his net clean. We had numerous chances which were thwarted by his acrobatic style, only to be replicated by Wiens in our net as he answered the call time and time again.

We outshot Raiders 36-21 and we were knotted at zeros as sixty minutes ticked away.

OT saw us dig in our heels and the Raiders gave up possession then Justl took the puck. He made a zone-clearing pass to a streaking Seremet who appeared to be headed for the Raider’s net. He stopped short at the face off circle, drew the defender to him then made a beautiful pass to Smith who had caught up to the play and who banged in the pass past the Raider’s goalie who had focused on Seremet’s situation.

We worked hard for that victory!

Sunday night was a little less lop-sided in the shot department but we still topped the Vics 25-19 at the end of regulation. Opperman and Robertson had terrific games and were robbed a few times each as the game wore on. We did not let up against the league’s second-place team and we looked equal to the task. Trailing 2-1 in the third, Opperman made a pivotal rush, got the shot low to the Vic-keeper’s right foot and followed up his shot to push in the rebound…2-2. Regulation time ended at that score…Wiens again making timely saves and banking the rebounds safely to the corners.

OT was unfortunate as we had possession for a few quick chances but then the Vics took the puck. They clogged the slot in our end, then whiffed on an attempted shot. Proximity was so tight that our three reacted to the motion and were caught flat-footed, expecting the shot. The Vic shooter regained the puck and pushed the puck to his winger who had an open side in which to bury the winner.

Anguish, but we displayed an entire game of equality and opportunity.

When we have faced the top teams, of late, we appear even with them in effort and commitment. Our three points move us further, safely, into the playoff mix, and our entire group is playing with a single-determined focus.

Our lull when we were missing numerous ‘starters’ seems to be fully in the rear view mirror and our self-belief is at a great point. We are ‘in’ every game and our purpose is evident.

Keep it up, Hawks!

– Fishmum