The Fish Report – Game 4

Canucks 3
Hawks 1

Yesterday’s game felt a little too familiar as we, again, took a lead into the third period only to see it dissolve late in the game.

We started off with great pace and control and got on the board early in the first. Forrest (10) got the puck down low to Onagi (14) who made a great deke then fed Seremet (8) for his second of the year.

Now here’s where our mindset has got to evolve…the longer the game went on, the more resolute we appeared about our lead. A one goal, two goal or three goal lead are not to be trivialized and should not be sat upon.

We must play with the desperation and passion that we seem to have when the score is 0-0. One goal leads are rarely going to stand up, even on the best of days.

We had a few chances which we did not capitalize upon but they were static chances and did not seem to add any consistent effort to our game. We suffered some breakdowns in discipline and our retaliatory ways were ultimately our undoing.

Tonight our boys attend St. Boniface’s rink on their own…no Hawks’ fans allowed. Time to soul-search, regroup and play 60 minutes with desire and heart.

Heart is within our team and must be found and exercised to achieve our goals.

– Fishmum