The Fish Report

Tuesday February 4, 2020

Final OT: 2-1 Twisters

Harbingers of the Jets’ fate tonight, we played a solid game against our league-leaders, only to see a 1-1 regulation tie evaporate into a 2-1 OT loss. (Well, Nashville’s not in first).

Take heart! Periods one and two were probably the fastest and most competitive periods of hockey we played this season.

Strong forechecking pressure, solid team-D, great goaltending…we had it all.

Opperman annihilated Pembina Valley’s D, Hatley (#17) in the first. Fisher crushed Goderis (#19) also in the first…two clean hard body checks which left the Twisters licking their wounds. Two of PV’s biggest men hearing footsteps for the rest of their games.

Dylan Hess just gets better and better each time out.  

After giving up a ‘stinker,’ we stuck to our guns and battled back. Fisher pounced on a puck at centre ice, carried it over the blue line and looked poised to wrist one at the Twisters’ net. He drew two defenders to him then looped a perfect pass to a streaking Mulligan who netted the 1-1 goal. Nice!

Period three saw both teams playing a touch more cautiously and we unfortunately couldn’t take advantage of a four-minute power play after Gorenstein was high-sticked and “bloodied.”

A few chances each way down the stretch but no give on either side saw us knotted after 60 minutes. 

We took a hooking call in OT and PV circled for the kill, ultimately batting home a rebound to secure their two points.

That’s three of four points WE won against Pembina in the past two games.
If we meet them in a month in the first round, they’ll be wishing a different opponent.

Good game, boys.

Keep it up!

– Fish