The Fish Report

Friday January 28, 2020

Final: 2-1 Twins

With two points last night we would have vaulted over the Twins into seventh place in the standings.

We got off to a bit of a rough start when a puck pin-balled its way toward our goal, hit a skate and beat Wiens. The Twins’ 1-0 lead held up until halfway through the third.

Justl was a tower of strength early on, moving the puck up to our forwards and joining the rush when the opportunity presented itself. 

Although we had a bit of a slow start and weathered a ton of Fort Garry pressure, we had a few breakouts and got our own opportunities, too. Three or four times delicate passes were deflected toward the Twins’ net, only to flutter past the post and not into the gaping net. (this was to haunt us all night)

The second period saw us return to our recent MO…deep pucks, lots of forechecking pressure and turnovers creating chances. Continually, the Twins’ keeper, Murphy, made key saves when it looked like we had finally solved a way for the puck to get into his net. The deeper into the game we got, the more impossible seemed the scoring task.

With 11:20 remaining in the third we gave up another goal and Ft. Garry breathed a brief sigh of relief. 

We got yet another power play and with five minutes remaining Gorenstein snapped a low seeing-eye shot from the point that eluded Murphy’s vision and we gave ourselves a chance.

The final five minutes was pretty much chaos as we sent puck after puck through Murphy’s crease but no sticks could deflect them into the net…ultimately a 2-1 setback.

This was a thoroughly entertaining game against a team who held on for dear life and got lucky on a Tuesday night.

Wiens played a whale of a game and made numerous acrobatic saves which kept us close and gave us our chances.

Aside from a bit of a slow start, our effort was consistent with our play, of late. On any other night, four or five of those chances would have found their net and we’d be chalking up a victory.

Keep to this script down the stretch…pressure is our friend and our foes’ enemy.

Susan continues to spoil us parents and grandparents with her boundless energy and hospitality. As this Tuesday’s game was a re-schedule, no family had been assigned snack-duty. Susan, realizing this, sped to the grocers during the first period and surprised all of us Hawk supporters with treats and drinks ready for the intermission.

She is an inspiration to us all and she embodies the team culture we all enjoy. Kudos, ongoing, Susan!

– Fish