The Fish Report

Friday January 24, 2020

Final: 7-2 Hawks

Roffey…monster game

Third game back for Captain Ferbers and his timing is back…welcome back

Period One we were the proverbial thorn in the Riel side…constant pressure creating Riel exhaustion and Hawkportunities. (sorry)

2-0 and solid.

2nd…Justl got viciously slashed and defended himself with his fists which ended his night but it gelled our effort, ultimately. Five minutes short and Riel scores two to tie it…penalty clears and then it was all us.

3-2, 4-2…Anseeuw scores our fourth,…his first as a Hawk!…Congrats!…great bench celly!

Face off with twelve seconds remaining in the 2nd…Maxwell at centre wins the draw back to Seremet, shot, rebound , Opperman scores!, 5-2! A defining moment.

3rd saw us oozing with confidence and netting two more.

Maxwell literally turned into smoke through a screen door on a short-handed break and dangled two Riel D, only to be thwarted by their keeper.

Solid effort.
Total team pressure.

Harkened back to our weekend ‘before the break’ when we beat Canucks then Twisters (Third and first-place teams) we looked poised, determined and undenied.

Here we come!
Collapse The Fort

– Fish