Weekend Showcase

Friday January 17, 2020 & Sunday January 19, 2020

Friday Final: 4-2 Jets

Sunday Final: 5-4 Hawks

This was Hockey Showcase Weekend at The IcePlex and it was fun to see the ‘buzz’ that MMJHL Hockey  is.

Friday night saw us off to a laborious, on-our-heels start that rendered a 2-0 deficit. That didn’t change for the entirety…3-1, 4-2…final buzzer.

Hmmm,…did we just learn a valuable lesson?
Sunday says we did.

Great return of Smith, pure speed and intent, great fun to watch.

Hess, quick back on D to collect pucks and regain possession.

Even though they tied it at 3, we were in charge.

Great effort, team-speed and confidence.

Great game, Wiens

Now to finish off Fort once and for all…!!

– Fish