The Fish Report

Sunday January 12, 2020

Final (OT): 4-3 Railer Express

Down 2-0 starting the second, in the enemy’s barn, we could be have been resigned to acquiesce. Not so.

Justl popped a lovely PP goal on a rebound early on then Hansell dangled the Express D and ripped the tying goal which held up until the third.

38 seconds in we’re down 3-2…aaaargh!!

Welcome back Matty Law and Shea Gorrenstein, it’s been a while.

Also, Opperman…you are a heart and soul member of The Hawks.

Enter Sam Maxwell, Cam Petras and Max Fisher…nice line; good energy, good bounces. Puck up the boards, fluttering shot on goal, Fish knocks it down and 3-3 in the third holds up through regulation time.

OT we have a chance but a bounce goes over our stick and Express knot the winner…grrr.

Really, the point is ours, Hallsy plays sturdy, game saving goaltending and we show we are (again) equal to a team ahead of us in the standings.

No AP’s today…all regular members…firing on all cylinders.

I always stand in the O-zone to watch games. Period 2: four shots ‘going in’ hit their unawares goaltender. Another night we would have scored seven, not three.

We are that close.
Play-off bound.
Better every start.
Team belief.
Fun to watch.

– Fish