The Fish Report

Tuesday November 26, 2019

Final: 6-1 Twisters

We were thrashed by the Twisters, again, and could not erase the three-goal deficit we endured in the first. Second period was 0-0, and the third we were outscored 3-1. Mitch Justl finally got us on the board with a late 5-on-3, 3rd period marker.

Fisher, #12, blocked two Twister point shots which turned into breakaways but he was thwarted by their keeper, once, and caught by their back-checkers on his second chance. Keep working, Max, your season’s first marker is in the cards.

Next two games are against two teams nipping at our heels.

Back to full-energy, 60 minutes, and we’ll stretch our playoff situation into a safer place.

This was a vicious stretch which saw us Captain-less and playing the top two teams three games straight.

Steady the course, enable the effort, play your best, Hawks.

– Fish