HawkIQ with #22 Shane Kustra-Nelson…

Name: Shane Kustra-Nelson#22 Shane Kustra-Nelson PC

Height: 6′-0″

Weight: 180 lbs.

Birthdate: January 4th, 1996

Hometown: Winnipeg

Nickname: Stray

Twitter/Instagram Handle: @Shanekustra

Hobbies: Netflix, Reading, and Hanging with Friends

Favourite TV Show: Suits

Favourite Movie: Saving Private Ryan

Favourite Actor/Actress: Jessica Alba

What is playing on my iPod right now? Tippin’ Point by Dallas Smith

Favourite NHL Team: Calgary Flames/Winnipeg Jets

Favourite NHL Player: Jarome Iginla, but if he doesn’t count Patty Kane

Pre-game Ritual/Superstition: Hard Lap After O Canada

Favourite Rink: Eric Coy

Who would you most like to take to dinner? Margot Robbie

Biggest Hockey Influence: My Mom

Best Hockey Memory: High school hockey trip to Phoenix

Career Goal: No clue, but priority number one is get my degree in business at the University of  Winnipeg then go from there.

Favourite Meal Before a Game: Chicken and Rice

If you were on an island with 3 things, what would they be? Hockey stick, puck, and a net.